M4: Developing a Project Plan

M4: Developing a Project Plan

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Developing a Project Plan Network

This module will help you select and map your ideas for a global project with your class in collaboration with other teachers from around the world. We will walk through the steps of developing a project plan for a joint global project and introduce a few tools and resources for you to use in the planning process.

As you review the steps for developing a project plan, keep in mind that you are not starting a project from scratch. The steps and collaboration tips in this module will guide you in identifying and adapting an existing OneBench project to your class.


Similar to lesson or curriculum planning, there are many different paths and steps in planning a project. While many teachers have different methods for planning learning activities, the following steps will help you develop a strong foundation for your project action plan and guide your work in planning with teachers in other countries:

  1. Start with your content and skills standards
  2. Envision your project idea
  3. Develop a driving question
  4. Decide on major collaborative final products
  5. Engage local and global audiences

Keep collaboration in mind as you begin to develop your ideas for conducting a global project. How will you connect and co-plan project activities and final products with other teachers? How and when will students collaborate and communicate with their global peers?

At each stage of project plan development, remember that the goal is not to design and share individual projects but to collaborate with other classes. Remember the OneBench mission at each planning phase to “learn with the world, not just about it.”

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